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Assessments & Standards

PSPA participates in all state-mandated tests. The testing calendar is updated as testing dates are finalized. 

Testing Dates for 2022-2023 (Subject to Change)

Testing PSPA will give all North Carolina required state tests: Beginning of Grade (BOG), End of Grade (EOG), and End of Course (EOC) tests for which a test is required: 

● 3rd Grade: Beginning of Grade (BOG) Reading test. The test begins on the 11th day of the school year and continues through the 15th day. 

● Read To Achieve: There are three windows within the year: o Summer 2022: At the conclusion of Reading Camp o Fall 2022: Need to administer by November 1, 2022 o Spring 2023: Final 10 instructional days of the school year 

● 3rd-8th Grades: End-of-Grade (EOG) Reading and Mathematics, and Science Grades 5 and 8 

● End-of-Course (EOC) Test for NC Math 1: The final 10 instructional days of the school year 

● ELL Students: W-Apt and WIDA screener within 30 calendar days of enrollment 

● ACCESS for ELLs – The testing window is January – March 2023 

In addition, all students will participate in the i-Ready math and reading assessments three times a year.

The i-Ready Diagnostic pinpoints student ability level, identifies the specific skills students need to learn to accelerate their growth, and charts a personalized learning path for each student.