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Instructional Technology

PSPA believes that the use of a variety of technologies are an integral and essential part of education as well as in the school workplace. Accordingly, PSPA provides students or staff with a chromebook or laptop, School Issued Google Workspace Account, Network Access, and access to other technology resources for instruction. Chromebooks used by PSPA include two stylus enabled units (Lenovo 500e and Asus214MA). Faculty and Staff laptops include MacBooks, Lenovo Yoga 4th Generation units, and HP 250 units. A new suite of iPADs have joined our technology family for use by our EC Students and Technology Curriculum. Foundational to our Instructional Technology is a robust wireless network supported by two ISPs, MCNC and ATT, with a regularly updated Firewall with Zscaler deployment for CIPA compliance.

On campus any number of instructional tools are used including Go Guardian, Kami, Screencastify, Gimkit, and others. All faculty, staff, and students employ the use of Google Workspace apps such as Gmail, Jamboard, Google Slides/Docs/Forms, Google Drive (including shared drives), and Google Meet. Instructional apps include iREADY, Learning A-Z, IXL, Flocabulary, Common Sense Digital Media, Scratch and other coding apps, HillRAP Reading Intervention applications, etc.

As a courtesy to parents, we offer a PSPA Technology Fee to offset expensive repairs to chromebooks due to accidents. This is  further supported by a Faculty, Staff, and Student Technology Help Desk.

Want to learn more? Read our Technology Use Policy

Optional Items For Student Chromebooks:


Lenovo 500e, 2nd Gen:  Hard Case

ASUS 214MA:  Hard Case

Optional Styluses:

Lenovo 500e, 2nd Gen Stylus (Amazon)

ASUS 214MA Stylus (Amazon)