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Fundraising & Donations


Fundraising & Donations


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The PSPA PTO Fundraisers

The PTO’s fundraising focus is to provide useful and valuable services to families that also raise extra money for our school.  More information on the following fundraisers can be found on the PTO website.

  • Coupon Books – help families save money while supporting community businesses!
  • Rent the Rock – decorate it with a celebratory message for all to see!
  • Brick Foundations – engraved bricks are the perfect way to celebrate your future PSPA graduate(s), honor your amazing family, advertise your business, or show PSPA some love!
  • Lewis Wilson Art – shop for ornaments and prints of Pine Springs and more artwork from a local NC artist! Enter promo code: Pine Springs at checkout

No-Fuss Fundraising for PSPA