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Open Enrollment for the PSPA- Blended Academy

 Enroll Now to Hold your Space!
The Blended Academy is open for enrollment! Please join us on April 15th for an interest meeting at our Elementary School campus in the gymnasium at 4pm. (Parking is in the back.) We will also have a virtual interest meeting on April 16th at 12 pm.


How to Enroll

We are growing! Check out our new location in Apex!
If you are interested in enrolling in the Blended Academy for the 2024-2025 school year please contact [email protected] . We would love to serve your family! 

 About Us

The Blended Academy at Pine Springs Preparatory Academy is an academic program available to students in 6th-8th grades who are interested in a flexible and rigorous hybrid curriculum.

This option provides students the opportunity to learn virtually and in-person, while being supported by Pine Springs staff in the learning process . This blended learning environment will provide students with an adaptable curriculum across multiple subject areas, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, focusing on the North Carolina Course of Study.

Students in the Blended Academy will be considered full-time Pine Springs Prep students, and will be allowed to participate in school-wide activities, play in athletics, and join all social events hosted by Pine Springs.

This program is ideal for students who have benefitted from online learning, are self-motivated, benefit from small group learning and an independent setting, as well as students with extensive extracurricular involvement. Students will also need to have a dedicated off-campus location where they can focus on their work with adult supervision.

It is important to note that this program is a one-year commitment, and students who opt for the Blended Academy will not be allowed to switch from the Blended Academy to the traditional setting once the decision to join the Blended Academy has been made. If you are interested in learning more information about this program please reach out to Michelle Alharoon at [email protected].

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