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Elizabeth Coomer

Elizabeth Coomer

Office Manager


Being a part of the Pine Springs Preparatory Academy team is fulfilling for me personally.  Everyday brings a different kind of fulfillment  to my workday.  I enjoy meeting and greeting new people, and seeing new students come in each year, as well as the very familiar faces I see each week who are an important part of our school.  The positivity in our school is so contagious that I can’t help but want to be a source of happiness for others. 

 Together we move toward new things with passion and commitment.   I have learned that mindset matters.  I can rely on experiences from my past, but to forge new paths as the work world grows and changes  around me is much more  rewarding.  Those who excel combine talent with hard work and focus. Learning new things this past year has helped me grow in so many different directions. No question or concern is insignificant here at Pine Springs Prep. Being here for the staff,  and families we care for is what I do best!  I am proud to be a PIONEER!