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Kelley Crawford


Kelley Crawford

TEACHER- Spanish


Having moved to Holly Springs this year, I am feeling so many springs in my step as I join the Pine Springs Preparatory School. Prior to teaching at PSPA, I have been a world traveler — living abroad for 5 years — and a lover of education. I am a professor at Tulane University, I have taught Spanish I, II, and III to students in middle and high school, and I also still contribute as freelance journalist to NPR and various media outlets in New Orleans. I am a perpetual student who loves to study, so my schools of attendance have been: University of Iowa, Governor State University, University of Westminster, and Florida International University. Just as education has opened up so many doors to the world for me, I hope to inspire and continue to inspire the students to meet their scholarly selves and make every action a springboard into new goals. I am so happy to be at PSPA, and I can’t wait to work with this community!